Wednesday, April 16, 2014

WIP's and deadlines...

Heather here, It is one of those days when my brain is constantly bothering me with all I have to do, and this is just today:
Walk with friend
Blog post
2 soccer practice
Church  youth groups
Fed Ex store
Post office
Laundry (at least 3 loads)
Run Weston's hand me downs to a neighbor
Phone calls
work on quilt deadlines...
I don't know what to cut out!
I am sure my brain didn't remember all...

What I really need to work on is this fun project. Linen. Lace. Lecien. Love. 

After I knock out a few obligations, I am only going to work on projects I have started, or kid room projects. I feel like I am not balancing all my crafting properly. 

I found these untrimmed HST's in my craft room. Is supposed to be a quilt for Westons room. Over a year ago I started. I have so many projects like this. I just need to get caught up!

Remember a few more of my WIP's...

Man, this post didn't help my stress levels!

I vow that you will see a lot of these getting finished in the next few months!


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Fabric Tuesday, come post with us!

Fabric Tuesday! It is that morning to link up your projects. Again I haven't snuck in much quilting. But I love seeing yours! Gets my brain working on my next project (even though I promised myself to work on my WIP's first) Anyhow, this is what caught my eye last week...

Finished mini from Learning Curve Crafts. Amazing quilting!
Sew Giving finished this quilt. Love the soft colors. Pretty! Also, her pool...

This fun quilt finish from Tanya Quilts. The quilting really pops!

One wee bird. Love the whole thing! Bright, happy, flying geese~!

Simple and sweet quilt from Thats so Julie. Just great!

Union jack 1 pm
 Because it is so cute! And because of the Union Jack. Love! from Leigh Laurel Studios...

Monday, April 14, 2014

The Cozy Pumpkin, a man quilt....

Amanda submitted this awesome quilt to us, made for her husband. I love the colors, the low volume background really makes the bursts pop! Her blog, The cozy Pumpkin is full of fun quilt and sewing projects. Here are her finishes, I love how she puts her fabrics together, so scrappy. You will find decorating ideas, embroidery, holiday projects there as well. She is a well rounded crafter!

My husband, Brian, has waited patiently while I've made quilts for so many others in the 3 years or so that I've been quilting.  Probably wondering...when will I get one?  He says he loves the one I bought him for his graduation gift way before I even knew how to turn on a sewing machine, and frankly he must because he's worn it out.  What he doesn't know is that I have been thinking about his quilt since I began making them.  What colors would it be?  Could I find fabrics that screamed "Brian" at me?  (I mean...not literally...that would be terrifying!!!  And loud.)  What pattern would it be?  One of my own design?  Could I possibly find the perfect pattern?

 Then once upon a time David Butler began designing fabrics and I had found my in.  I began collecting bits and pieces of every line of his, some Architextures, and bits of other fabrics in the right color range.  I had an ongoing battle in my head whether or not to make him that plus quilt design.  He's an engineer so it had to be something "logical."  I don't know if that makes sense, but that was the word in my head.  And then I found Denyse Schmidt's "Cog + Wheel" pattern.  All had fallen into place.
 Despite having the right plan and the right pieces.  For some reason I was nervous about beginning this quilt.  Cutting into the was so definitive.  And while cutting into perfect fabric isn't easy generally speaking...this was more difficult than usual and then it was so "easy."

Every piece of this quilt is cut with scissors.  Darn templates with curves that make me too nervous to use a rotary.  But it was fun to really see the fabrics as I worked, not at a frenzied pace, but a little here...a little there.

 Once the quilt was pieced together it was time for quilting.  I hemmed and hawed over whether or not to use the included pattern for hand quilting.  Or to free motion.  Again...I was second guessing myself. But, I ultimately went with my highly detailed free motion design and went for it.  And again, I'm so glad I did!  While it won't be winning any awards, it is my most ambitious machine quilting to date.  And yes, it is done on my home long arming.
 The only slight frustration I had was I did my backing calculations in the quilt shop one day, rather than prepping at home.  Math is not my strength, and so I was cutting it REALLY close with my yardage apparently, and also dealing with some unfortunate cutting off of the bolt.  (Those bolts are pesky when they fabric isn't put on straight.)  That's why that lovely Parson Gray print on the back is not quite straight.  Oh well, how often are you staring at the back anyway?  Moving on.  So if we ignore the crooked backing and just look at that lovely mottled navy can see the detail in the quilting design...
 I LOVE IT!!!  And I can't believe I did it...and with such great tension!  Supreme Slider my FMQ invention ever aside from gloves.
So if my husband's name is Brian...
why is the quilt titled "Curious Carl"?

Well, while researching homeschooling I happened upon some text on learning styles.  I was reading them after dinner while chatting with Brian, and began to chuckle.  The learning style entitled Competent Carl was a PERFECT descriptor of my husband.  But, due to his needing to know every detail of EVERYTHING...I altered the descriptive title to Curious Carl.  The Irish Claddagh symbol is on our wedding rings, and so I wanted it here as well, as we both have Irish ancestry.  This quilt is a great "wrap up"  (HA!) of my hubby.  The Cog + Wheel is very engineer-y in design.  The colors are so him.  The fabrics are graphic in nature.  But, in the low volume areas I snuck in a few pieces that are a little bit me.  Just to remind him of his wife who loves him so very much.  And to take it one little step further... I think it's appropriate that alongside ALL of the David Butler fabric, I added in one lovely Amy Butler print into the mix.  :)  

So, my "Curious Carl"...I hope you read this and know how much time, thought, and most importantly love that went into this quilt.  I love you for everything you bring into my life...even all of the questions.  ;)  Just like with Gabriel's quilt, I said a little prayer over this one and gave it a kiss and hug before placing it in the wash.

And then after it's solo photo shoot...

I let the kids give it some love as well.


Friday, April 11, 2014

INK AND BOBBIN my little side business...

 Hello all. Heather here.  How is everyone enjoying spring? It sure is getting nice here.

If you follow me at all on Instagram @quiltstory, you may know that I started a little watercolor portrait etsy shop, under my new account @inkandbobbin. I have really had fun with it. 

I have painted, drawn, created art for as long as I remember. I sold art prints on Ebay to match Potterybarn betting sets before Etsy was even around! Well, I started playing with watercolors early this year, and started painting my sketches. Then I started painting cute kids from Instagram. I finally decided to start a little tiny Etsy shop to sell my custom watercolor portraits, thus Ink and Bobbin was born. 

I can work from direct photos like the example above....

Or I can throw a bunch of photos together to get the look you want. We can change outfits and colors easily. 

I love doing family portraits...

or just a single special child. 

Please visit my new shop. Also, I am offering my QuiltStory readers a coupon code, SPRING for 30% off your order. It lasts through the weekend. Let me know if you have any questions. I would love to paint your child or family!